Adrenaline Control | Our Simulator
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Our Simulator

  • State of the art simulator with
    • Real 180 degrees front projection in 360 degrees simulator dome
    • Realistic high torque control loading system for steering wheel
    • Steering wheel with integrated electronics
    • Realistic high force (Up to 130 kg) pedal set
    • Four tire vibration cueing system
    • Ultra-realistic physic models based on actual car data
    • Live telemetry and coaching
    • Session debriefing with full data analysis and reports
  • GT & Formula training
  • Innovation Track for Simulator Phase 2 started
    • Introduction of revolutionary visual system based on extreme low latency Augmented Reality projection in driver’s visor
    • G-cueing system through G-suite
    • Second networked simulator with roll-in / roll-out open wheel monocoque / touring car modules